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Propagation Conditions

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field: Status




MobileLog Downloads
File (click below) Platform (CPU) Operating System Version
MobileLog-ARM-PPC2003 ARM, XScale PocketPC 2003 aka "Windows Mobile 2003" 1.5
MobileLog-ARM-PPC ARM PocketPC 2002, PocketPC 2000 1.5
MobileLog-Mips MIPS PocketPC 2002, PocketPC 2000 1.1
MobileLog-SH3 SH3 PocketPC 2002, PocketPC 2000 1.1

Patch - Version 1.6.73
The patch file upgrades users to version 1.6.73. The main difference between version 1.5 and 1.6.73 is the addition of Pile-up mode. This is enabled on the setup screen. Once enabled, as each QSO is added, the frequency, mode, band, RST and notes fields maintain their previous value. In a pile-up situation, this keeps things moving along smoothly. To install the patch: 
1) Download this file 
2) Backup the MobileLog.vb file on your PDA
3) Copy the new MobileLog.vb file to your MobileLog install directory on your PDA 

Which OS do I have?  
If you are unsure which operating system you are currently using, go to Start->Settings->System->About. A PocketPC 2002 PDA will show Version 3.0.X (my iPAQ 3630 says 11171). A "PocketPC 2003" (aka WIndows Mobile 2003) PDA will show Version 4.X.X (my iPAQ 2215 says 4.20.1081). 

Important: XScale users should use the ARM version. The Intel XScale might appear on the about screen as PXA225. "Windows Mobile 2003" (PocketPC 2003 OS) users should follow the instructions on this page.  

Here is a partial CPU list:

ARM Pocket PC - NEC P300, Compaq iPaq, Casio E-200, HP Jornada 560, or Toshiba e570
MIPS Pocket PC - Casio E-125 or Casio EM-500
SH3 Pocket PC - HP Jornada 520 series or 540 series



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