MobileLog Installation on Windows Mobile 2003 PDAs (WinCE 4.0)

In order for MobileLog to run on PDAs that use the "Windows Mobile 2003" (aka "PocketPC 2003", aka "WinCE 4.0") operating system, you may be required to install Microsoft's VB Runtime. This "eMbedded Visual Basic Runtime for Pocket PC 2003" is available as a free download directly from Microsoft at:

The download will be in the form of a self-installing CAB file that you will first need to copy onto a folder directly on your device using ActiveSync's Explore window. Then from the device, navigate to the CAB file with File Explorer and tap on the CAB file to install the runtimes. You can then proceed to install our application or other applications that require the runtime and they should install properly.

NOTE: Some device manufactures may include the new eVB Runtimes on ROM but they are not required to do so. Previously all Pocket PC 2000 and 2002 devices had the original eVB runtimes installed on ROM so users did not need to download them separately. With 2003 devices some devices may have the runtimes while other models may not.

Missing controls: In rare cases, the tabs at the bottom of the MobileLog screen do not appear. This is due to a defect in the Microsoft VB Runtime platform. If : 

  1. Uninstall both MobileLog AND the VB Runtime. 
  2. Install MobileLog
  3. Install the VB Runtime


Standard disclaimer - I have not found any ill effects with other apps, and do not take responsibility for such ill effects, but I'd be glad to work with you towards resolving them. 


PocketPC 2002 to 2003 (Windows Mobile) Migration

Those of you who have been using MobileLog on a 2002 OS PDA and want to upgrade should follow the procedures above first - then use Microsoft's conversion app to convert their MobileLog.cdb file (see


PPCmorse seems to work as expected on the new (400MHz ARM/XSCALE/2003 OS) PDAs. 

As always, let me know if you have comments or questions. 

73, Pat NěHR