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PPCMorse Downloads

Download the PocketPC/Windows CE Morse Code Tutor Software here!

PocketPC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, and PocketPC Phone PDAs:
PPCMorse version 1.2.73 (for PocketPC PDAs): PPCMorse_1_2_73.exe 

This update includes a fix for sending the number 6 which would not properly send the Morse Code character on some PDAs.



This version is for older PDAs that use MIPs or SH3 processors. It will not function with the recent versions of PocketPC OS:   PPCMorse version 1.0 (for WinCE 2.11 PDAs): PPCMorse_ce211_1_0.exe


For any installation or technical questions, see the FAQ page or visit the forum.


Previous version:   
PPCMorse version 1.0 (for PocketPC PDAs): PPCMorse_1_0.exe


International Users - please read the FAQ before installing PPCMorse.










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