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NěHR.com Website and Products News and Reviews

Jun 2008: Amateur Radio Licenses World Map page published. This map shows countries resized to reflect the number of ham radio licenses in each country.

Apr 2008: CQ Magazine names N0HR.com as Ham Radio Website of the Month. 

Feb 2008: K1EL WKUSB Keyer Project page published.

Jan 2008: Ham Radio Product Reviews system overhauled.

Dec 2007: ANWireless Tower Project page published.

Aug 2007: HamLinks Ham Radio Toolbar released. This is a plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer designed specifically for ham radio users. The "HamLinks Ham Radio Toolbar" will help you use Firefox and IE to efficiently find ham radio web resources.

Jul 2007: MobileLog updated to 2.0.73 build 160. This release adds support for PDA Phones (WM5) that have 240x240 (square) resolution by adding a button to display the status fields from the QSO form. This release also corrects a bug in new country alerts.

Mar 2007: Propfire Propagation Stats for Firefox plugin updated to 0.73.12. Recent changes to Propfire adds an options menu to display the sunspot number count, show just solar flux (hover the mouse to see Solar Flux, A-Index and K-Index HF Propagation values). The menu is also redesigned.

Feb 2007: The DXPedition World Map is back on-line and receiving automatic updates from dx-pedition websites around the world. DXpeditions are ham radio "expeditions" to rare/distant (DX) lands. The NěHR DXPedition World Map allows you to see active and upcoming DXpeditions on a global map. Zoom in, scroll through time, identify DXpeditions by mode (CW, SSB, RTTY) or activity (IOTA).

Feb 2007: NěHR Ham Radio QRM Discussion Forums launched.  These pages serve as a discussion area for ham radio software topics, mobile ham radio, product reviews and more. These pages are linked to the ham radio product reviews section of the site, so you can post a review for a product and discuss the product in a forum setting. These sections share a common registration. Give it a try!

Jan 2007: MobileLog 2 released. Windows Mobile OS platform now supported, DXCC and WAS reporting, improved QSO management, integration with PocketDigi and much more. Check it out.
Major updates to Propfire: updates to resolve caching issues.

Dec 2006: MobileLog 2 development enters Beta testing

Nov 2006: A new set of free Windows Mobile 5 ham radio themes has been added for WM5/Smartphone users.

Jul 2006: Latest site addition: Ham Radio Blog -  Towers, Contesting, Software, Antennas, DX and whatever else comes to mind.

Jun 2006: OK1IAK created PocketDigi, a free utility to provide PocketPC PDA users with PSK-31, RTTY and CW send/receive capabilities.  Now you can leave your laptop at home and just throw your PocketPC in your pocket for your next ham radio portable QRP operation. I'll be working with Vojtech to create, maintain and document PocketDigi.

Apr 2006: Propfire, the Firefox HF radio propagation utility for ham radio and shortwave enthusiasts, has been reviewed in the ARRL's surfin' on-line magazine.

Jan 2006: Added the introduction to radio propagation webpage. This page describes radio propagation forecasting and indices provided by NOAA / WWV.

Oct 2005: Ham Radio Exams added to NěHR.com. Think you're ready to take the test, practice here first.

Oct 2005: PropagationStats page added. This utility allows webmasters to place HF radio propagation stats on their ham radio websites.

Sep 2005: Propfire released. Propfire is a webbrowser extension enabling ham radio operators to monitor propagation conditions in the status

Sep 2005: A DXpedition Map is now available. See what's happening in the DX world.

Sep 2005: Major website overhaul that was long overdue.

Aug 2005: NěHR.com has a completely revamped ham radio links page which includes a rating system, periodic validation and ability to submit new links. Check it out! 

Jan 2004: This website was mentioned in the ARRL's on-line magazine ARRLweb Surfin'. Check it out!

Apr 2003: PPCMorsePro and MobileLog registration is now automated - reducing the amount of time required to register.

Mar 2003: MobileLog was mentioned in QST.

Oct 2002: MobileLog mentioned in CQ Magazine.

MobileLog was reviewed favorably on the popular http://www.pocketpcthoughts.com/ website.

Tucows.com gave MobileLog a 4 cow rating.

MobileLog and PPCMorse have also been mentioned on many other websites and magazines - both in amateur radio and PDA publications.






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