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MobileLog FAQ (version 1.x)

Note: This is the FAQ for verison 1.x.  You should really check out MobileLog 2 if you haven't already.


Q0) How do I install / configure MobileLog for PPC2003 PDAs?

A0) See this link.


Q1) I have an XScale processor. Which version do I download?
Q1a) I don't know which processor is in my PDA. Which version do I download?

A1) Most current models of Pocket PCs come with an ARM processor.  The XSCALE chip is compatible with the ARM architecture. To check which processor your device uses you can find it listed on the About screen.
Go to: Start (Menu) Settings (Menu) System (Tab) About (Icon)
Half way down the About screen your processor should the listed


Q2) After registering MobileLog and using it without issue for some time, I see an error message: 
Fatal Date Error 
Fatal: Date error. \n Future QSO attempt or Registration Key violation.

I've registered the product, have installed the registration key - yet the program crashes when I try to add a QSO with this message. What gives? 

A2) This problem occurs on a few PDAs when the app cannot properly determine the current date based on a reading from Windows CE - in order to verify the 15 day trial period. A patch was released to cure this problem. To install this patch:
   - download this file:
   - copy the file to your MobileLog installation directory

Registerered users should no longer encounter this bug once the patch is installed.


Q3) "When I try to run MobileLog, a message appears indicating that there is no application associated with MobileLog. What can I do?"

A3) This problem occurs when MobileLog's underlying system files are missing or corrupt. Frequently this can occur when two applications are installed which both use the same system files (hidden-dlls and exe files), then one of these apps is uninstalled. It's not really a fault of either application, rather Microsoft's architecture for WinCE. 

Two workarounds exist for this problem:

  1. Reinstall MobileLog.
    This is a perfectly valid option. You'll probably want to step through the installation file-by-file to prevent accidentally removing something critical (like your log). The safest approach would be to backup your /Program Files/MobileLog directory before beginning the procedure. Then, as you are prompted (should file xxx be overwritten?), say yes to everything except for MobileLog's cdb files (MobileLog.cdb and MobileLogcty.cdb).
  2. Look into using an app called vbregfix. http://www.devbuzz.com/content/vbregfix_pg3.asp and a file called http://www.nca-corp.com/Napier/Distributions/VBRegFix.EXE. I haven't used it personally, but it looks to prevent this common problem. Of course, use at your own risk.


Q4) "I'm having installation problems. MobileLog doesn't seem to want to install. What can I do?"

A4) Incompatibilities between various versions of ActiveSync, my development tools, Windows and your PDA can lead to this. One such case of this leads to an error message like this:

"Failed to copy file from C:\PROGRAM FILES\MOBILELOG\mobilelog.arm1100(4k)v3.00.cab to C:\program files\mobilelog.arm 1100(4k)v3.00.cab"

The workaround is not too difficult. Just tell the PC installer to install MobileLog in some local directory (for example: c:\hamtools). A  CAB file for your PDA will be placed in that directory. Copy this file (using the ActiveSync explorer) to your PDA. On your PDA, run the CAB file to install.

In case the PC installer is so confused that it won't even install the file on your PC, contact me for information on acquiring a working CAB file.


Q5) Is there a version of MobileLog for the Palm Pilot?

A5) No.


Q6) Is there a version of MobileLog for WinCE 2.11 or older devices?

A6) Not at this time.


Q7) Is there a version of MobileLog for HPC format devices?

A7) Not at this time. Let me know if you are interested in such a beast. I've had a few queries on this.





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