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NěHR.com Upcoming DXpedition Map

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Propagation Today

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Move the slider above to see upcoming DXpeditions

  • Some dxpeditions post websites. You may click on these to pull up their dxpedition information page.
  • To zoom in, select an area with your mouse or use the zoom buttons.
  • Highlighted activities will appear in red.
  • It may take a few seconds for the data to load into the map.
  • Thanks for Bill NG3K (and his sources) for DXPedition data.
  • To see a rss feed of dxpeditions click here.

The DXpedition Map discussion forum is in the NěHR QRM Ham Radio Forums. Be sure to post enhancement requests, comments and bugs in the forum.

You may also be interested in the HamLinks Ham Radio Toolbar which provides a direct link to this page, shows propagation information, provides DX RSS feeds, and allows callsign lookups within Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Also be sure to check out our ham radio links page - with extensive links to all things related to amateur radio... towers, antennas, cable, amplifiers - you name it.





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