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Record your Ham Radio QSOs with your PocketPC PDA


Many PocketPC PDAs include a built-in microphone. I've had several PDAs over the years and have yet to use the built-in mic for business. I've always thought that it was fairly geeky to record a conversation with a PocketPC for later use.

However, there is a good use for this technology. Record a QSO! Working some rare DX and want to capture the moment whilst mobile? Click that button on the side and record the whole thing.

Why would you want to have your QSOs recorded? Perhaps you're cruising the highways and bi-ways at 70 MPH and work a rare DX-pedition. The DX station gives you all the details for your logbook (QSL route, schedule, operator name, etc.). You figure that you can pull off to the side of the road and log all this stuff when he makes his next QSO, right? Then he goes QRT!  

If you've been recording the QSO to your PDA, simply play back the QSO. Works great.


My Cingular 8120 (HTC Wizard) stores the recordings as .WAV files. Additionally, I can choose to email the QSO recording to my home email address.


If you have a QSO with some really rare DX, you may want to keep this file around to help spread the word about ham radio. When you get questions like:

  • "what do you do with ham radio?"

  • "who do you talk to?"

  • "what do you talk about?"

simply playback a recording of your QSO with a guy sitting on a beach on Midway Island.










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