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Propfire upgrade to Firefox 4

I’ve upgraded Propfire to version 1.73.18 making it compatible with Firefox version 4.

What’s Propfire?

Why it’s the solar / radio propagation add-on plug-in thing for Firefox of course. Over 50,000 downloads to-date!

Thanks to those who requested an upgrade.

6 Responses to “Propfire upgrade to Firefox 4”

  1. I upgraded to Firefox 4 and realized it broke the Propfire plugin. I was about ready to go back to FF3 but I see you said the latest 1.73.18 is compatible. I didn’t see ver. 1 anything but I see 0.73.18 so I tried it. It tells me it won’t install because it’s not compatible, did I foul something up?

    Kerry, WD5ABC

  2. Kerry

    A new revision is available now: 0.74.0
    It’s available at

    You might also be able to get it updated by using Tools – Add-ons – Find Updates

    Pat N0HR

  3. I am using XP and Firefox 4.0. The only time Propfire is visible is when I have accessed the Customize Toolbar function. Is there something else I must change? I notice FF 4.o Status Bar URL info only comes up when I am bringing up a webpage, else there is no Status Bar.
    Ed – AD7GR

  4. Pat,

    Thanks for the quick reply, I just installed it so I’m back in business. I didn’t realize how hooked I was on propfire, I kept looking at the bottom of my browser for the SF but it wasn’t there! I missed it enough that I was considering downgrading, thanks for a great plugin.


  5. Hi Pat,

    Just updated my Ubuntu Linux and got Firefox 5.
    It said that Propfire was incompatible but after installing the Add-on Compatibility Reporter I was able to let it run again. I had problems in the past to right-click and see the content but that works OK now. I use Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty) with the standard desktop. I will try this in Windows asap. I have reported the add-on as working ok to Mozilla.

  6. Hi Pat,

    I have tried this in Windows 7 also, with Firefox 5.0. Firefox switched it off but with the add-on I switched it back on again and it works ok, as far as I can see. In Ubuntu 10.04 I still had 0.73 and there the right-click menu was distorted. Upgrading to 0.74 resolved that too. Both OS versions have been reported again to Mozilla as “working OK”. Mozilla should remove the message that it is not working with 5.0.


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