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Solar Powered Field Day – Part 2: 190W Rollable

The Story County Amateur Radio Club (SCARC) held field day at the 4H building on the Iowa State University campus again this year. This building is considered an EOC for the campus which allows us to “compete” in “F” category. We have been using two transmitters plus a “Get on the air” station to put us in the 2F category.

This year I offered to provide the solar power for field day.  Not many ham radio clubs have access to a 190 Watt military roll-up solar panel, so this was something new for the guys.  The PowerFilm 190W Solar Quad is folded and rolled into a package that is roughly the size and weight of a sleeping bag. Unrolled, it’s a flat mat that is staked and plugged into a battery system.

Solar Power Field Day Setup Quad-and-BOSThe  solar panel and its BOS performed quite well and several QSOs were made with a 100W IC-746 using this system. The BOS is a DC-AC power inverter, pair of deep cycle batteries and a charge controller in a box.

The SCARC group had a great time and worked more QSOs than any previous year.  The score is not final, but I think we were a bit behind in our bonus points. Anyway, great fun was had by all.

My pictures from this outing are included with the DMRAA effort in a single Solar Powered Field Day 2010 photo album.  See you next FD!

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  1. Thanks for the nice article. I am in the process of setting up a site about using solar technology with ham radio gear.

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