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Solar Panels at Dayton Hamvention

PowerFilm Solar will have it’s first booth at Dayton Hamvention 2010. This will mark an entry into the ham radio market for the thin-film solar panel company.

Last fall, I joined PowerFilm Solar. At PowerFilm Solar we make thin film solar panel products for a wide variety of products. PowerFilm products include:

Anyway, since joining PowerFilm, I’ve wondered how well these products would do in the ham radio market. Many of our products were designed for military use, but are deployed where Emcomm service is required (for example, Haiti).

So, we’re going to give it a shot – we’ll have our first booth at the Hamvention at Dayton this year. We’ll be selling and displaying everything from small solar panels to larger panels. Still locking in the details – but we’ll be there.

I’m looking forward to returning to Dayton – this time, from the other side of the booth.

2 Responses to “Solar Panels at Dayton Hamvention”

  1. PowerFilm Solar makes great products. Their corporate headquarters practically in our backyard (Ames, Iowa). Last year we were lucky enough to have a large solar panel loaned to us (Des Moines Radio Amateurs’ Association) for Field Day. Before Field Day, a sales rep gave a presentation at one of our club meetings about solar energy and possible applications within amateur radio. I hope we are fortunate enough to be able to use PowerFilm products again this year… I know a lot of our visitors were interested in the technology.

  2. Glad you guys had fun with the setup last Field Day Kevin. I definitely want to see some PowerFilm products go into action this year – but it might be with the Story County ARC / Cyclone ARC team in Ames.

    Their corporate headquarters practically in our backyard (Ames, Iowa).

    By the way, the PowerFilm plant IS in my backyard. I live about a mile west of the office and can see my tower from the parking lot :)

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