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SteppIR 4 element antenna review

After using it for four months, I’ve written a SteppIR 4 element yagi review and posted it in the ham radio products review database. The SteppIR has been a good antenna but there are a number of considerations (both pro and con) that should be considered prior to jumping on this antenna.


Overall the SteppIR has been a fun antenna to use on the air. One of the unexpected surprises with the SteppIR was bi-directional / 180 degree feature. Imagine a contester in the Midwest who wants to CQ during a contest. One choice might be to use the bi-direction mode and hit both the east and west coasts (much like a dipole). Perhaps you’ve got that beam focused on 90 degrees when you hear a rare one off the back… You could rotate the antenna by 180 degrees or you could simply hit the 180 degree mode button on the SteppIR control box. Fast – and in ham radio contesting, speed matters.

I’ve had a couple of ice storms here that had me a bit nervous. However, the SteppIR fiberglass elements came back to life without issue.

Again, you should consider the pros and cons before purchasing any ham radio antenna. For me though, the SteppIR 4 element yagi has been a good fit.

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