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DXpedition to Bouvet/3Y0E

Talk about jumping into ham radio with both feet! A newly licensed South African ham (ZS6GCM) is traveling with a Norwegian research team to the world’s most remote island, Bouvet. Petrus Kritzinger should be on the island from now until mid Februrary and he has brought and Icom and HF vertical for the trip.

This DXpedition has yet to show up on my DXpedition Map which is gets its data from NG3K – but I imagine that it will appear on the map within a day or two.

It’s difficult for many of us to imagine what it must be like to work a massive pileup using top-notch equipment, in ideal conditions, and with highly skilled operators. Imagine life for Petrus… new to ham radio, on Bouvet (an extreme environment and one of the most sought after DXCC entities), poor band conditions, limited power, huge pileups, limited operating time, … 

I hope that he doesn’t give up, that the pileups are manageable for a new op and that he has a few hours of good operating.

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