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Ham Radio: CW Software

Description:  CW software. This category contains software to help ham radio operators and shortwave enthusiasts with Morse Code operations (aka CW). Morse code decoder software, PC software-based keyers, Morse Code tutors for ham radio are included.
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CwGet - DXSoft Hits: 2055 RATE ME | LINK QRT |  

CwGet - DXSoft

From the author's website: DXSoft
A program to decode morse code (CW) via sound card to text. It can work as narrow-band sound DSP-filter also. No additional hardware required you need only receiver and computer (5x86-133 or better) with a sound card. Can integrate with AALog logger. It is a software morse decoder that really work!

| Hits: 2055 | Rating: 10 | Votes: 1 | Added: 8-Dec-2004 09:01 GMT | 
CWType - DXSoft Hits: 1751 RATE ME | LINK QRT |  

CWType - DXSoft

From the DXSoft website:
The terminal program for CW-operators. You can transmit both from the keyboard and from a paddle connected to game or LPT ports. You can also operate in paddle iambic mode. Control of the transceiver (PTT and CW keying) is made through one of the COM or LPT ports. CwType can integrate with AALog software.

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Just Learn Morse Code Rank: 1
Category: CW SoftwareHits: 1392 RATE ME | LINK QRT |  

Just Learn Morse Code

Just Learn Morse Code is a program to learn CW on a Windows PC. Koch or Farnworth timing options, generate Morse from text files and more features.

| Hits: 1392 | Rating: 6.3 | Votes: 10 | Added: 3-Nov-2004 00:01 GMT | 
Nu-Ware Hits: 838 RATE ME | LINK QRT |  


Morse code utilities for Windows PCs:
Code Weaver: translate text files to Morse code
NuTest: FCC Amateur Radio License test
NuMorse and NuCode are utilities for learning to copy Morse Code in preparation for the FCC tests.

| Hits: 838 | Rating: 7 | Votes: 1 | Added: 5-Dec-2005 07:01 GMT | 
PPCMorse - PocketPC CW Tutor by NHR Hits: 930 RATE ME | LINK QRT |  

PPCMorse - PocketPC CW Tutor by NHR

PPCMorse - PocketPC CW Tutor by NHR
PPCMorse is a suite of Morse code utilities for PocketPC PDAs. The freeware version, PPCMorse (aka PPCMorse-Basic) allows the user to send messages from a text buffer and configure various parameters (speed, weight, ratio, pitch).
PPCMorse-Pro adds functionality to PPCMorse, such as a practice mode.

| Hits: 930 | Rating: 10 | Votes: 1 | Added: 8-Dec-2004 16:00 GMT | 


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