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MobileLog 2 installation and revision history

MobileLog 2 is a ham radio logbook application for PocketPC 2002, 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 PDAs. It offers significant improvements over the popular MobileLog 1.X logging package.  Existing MobileLog users will be able to upgrade to MobileLog 2 at no cost. Simply export your database in ADIF format and import it into MobileLog 2. 









WARNING: Make a copy of everything before proceeding. Be sure to have an ADIF file ready to import into the database once the installation has completed.

  1. Download the MobileLog 2 installation file for your platform by clicking one of the links below.
  2. Execute this on your Desktop PC.  The MobileLog database files should be installed in your \My Documents\ directory on your PDA.
  3. Run MobileLog. An icon should appear in your Programs folder.



MobileLog 2  Known issues: 

No major issues

Updates (Revision History)

  • Added 2.0.73 af Build 160 (10-Jul-2007)
    • Added button on QSO screen to support 240x240 PDA Phones (tnx OK1DMP)
    • Fixed alert messages (for example, "New Country")
  • Rereleased to correct installation issues on PPC (29-Mar-2007)
  • Added in 2.0.73ac Build 157 (25-Mar-2007)
    • few minor changes related to installation
  • Added in 2.0.73ac Build 156 (02-Feb-2007)
    • Export ADIF now only exports user fields if they contain data
    • PocketDigi no longer needs to be in the /My Documents/ folder
  • Added in 2.0.73ac Build 151(25-Jan-2007)
    • Launching in landscape mode now properly draws all elements
    • Adding QSOs and updates now properly update the DXCC and WAS stats
  • Added in 2.0.73aa Build 143 (20-Jan-2007)
    • PocketDigi interface
  • Added in 2.0.73z Build 142 (19-Jan-2007)
    • Fixed country ID for Rep. of Congo
    • Registration and my call fields are "trimmed"
    • Help text update
  • Added in 2.0.73y Build 141 (18-Jan-2007)
    • Improved date and time checking on display in QSO form
    • Search from reports by clicking on a cell
    • Clicking on the logbook view opens the QSO Form in Search mode for the call selected
    • ADIF data import; added checks to validate / clear data
  • Added in 2.0.73x Build 130 (17-Jan-2007)
    • Installer created for PocketPC 2002 (including ARM, SH3 and MIPS)
    • Call, Date and Time are all required on ADIF import. Presents error message otherwise.
    • Export ADIF: corrected TIME_ON data type (was QSO_TIME)
  • Added in 2.0.73w Build 126 (15-Jan-2007)
    • On-line help text updated
    • Define Country form shows entities ordered alphabetically
    • GMT time is read from the system and automatically used. GMTOFFSET on the user option is now optional
  • Added in 2.0.73v Build 124 (12-Jan-2007)
    • Take logbook input from PocketDigi
    • Ignore ADIF QSO import where record does not contain a valid callsign
  • Added in 2.0.73u Build  123 (12-Jan-2007)
    • Pileup mode added
    • Metric option button value stored
    • Check to ensure only one running instance
  • Added in 2.0.73t Build 120: (11-Jan-2007)
    • Registration mechanism enabled.
    • Data columns relabeled in logbook view
    • ADIF export bugs fixed
    • ADIF export performance improved dramatically
  • Added in 2.0.73s Build 116: (10-Jan-2007)
    • Cleaned up DXCC country codes for North Cook Is and removed deleted countries
    • Added Help text interface
  • Added in 2.0.73r Build  113: (09-Jan-2007)
    • Gridlines added to report and logbook views
    • Report fonts changed to fixed size. Column widths depend on headers.
    • Database is now installed wherever the program is installed.  (including on Storage Cards)
    • Landscape mode now supported for QSO entry and reports
    • DXCC Country code updated for Netherlands Antilles, American Somoa, Congo, Turkey, Swains Is., Turkey
  • Added in 2.0.73p Build 108: (05-Jan-2007)
    • Logbook report view added
    • Fixed bands worked and confirmed stats
    • Updated DXCC countries list to ADIF 2.1.8
    • Report enhancements
  • Added in 2.0.73o Build 106: (03-Jan-2007)
    • Report Column Sorting Added
    • User defined fields. Identify 2 fields of interest to be shown in the "etc" screen.
    • Registration code added
  • Added in 2.0.73m Build 99: (23-Dec-2006)
    • DXCC updates and creations now possible. USE WITH CARE.
    • Country lookup based on callsign improved (primary prefixes searched as well).
    • QSO DX information available: Distance, Heading, Zone, Lat/Lon, Timezone offset
    • Report file generation: TAB, CSV and HTML.
  • Added in 2.0.73k Build 96: (22-Dec-2006)
    • IOTA field properly cleared on import
    • Frequency/Band lookup now properly handles 10M
    • Report totals (worked and confirmed) added to bottom of reports
    • Further ADIF performance improvements
    • ADIF files which list bands with lower case letters are now corrected (ie 10m)
    • Reports run much faster
    • Define DXCC entities screen added. Can add additional prefixes to a DXCC entity.
  • Added in rev g build 92: (21-Dec-2006)
    • ADIF import performance improvement
    • Tab separated values export option
  • Added in rev h build 82: (20-Dec-2006)
    • Database expanded to include all supported modes and bands
    • Recalc added: this reorders the database in the event that older QSOs are added or QSOs are deleted. It also recalculates WAS and DXCC stats.
    • Fixed ListView report display bug
    • Searches now look for partial matches. For example, entering N0 in the call field and clicking the Search button will match N0NI, N0HR, and N0AC QSOs. It will also match GN0ABC and P5NMI/N0.
    • Reworked ADIF export
    • QSL_Sent flag now functioning
  • Added in rev g: (15-Dec-2006)
    • Users may now define bands and modes of interest to them
      • Reports show bands and modes selected in the "Show on reports" flag
      • QSO form shows bands and modes selected in the "Show on QSO Form" flag
    • GMT offset is now stored. Entering a numeric value will result in the time/date on the QSO screen to default to current GMT time.
  • Added in rev f: (14-Dec-2006)
    • Database now only one file: mlogstats.db
    • User interface performance improvements
    • Reset Database button now available
    • Reports
      • DXCC by Band
      • DXCC by Mode
      • WAS by Band
      • WAS by Mode
  • Added in rev e: (11-Dec-2006)
    • greatly improved db startup time
    • search function now operational
    • QSO notes details button now operational
    • Options form returns to main form after settings updatete
    • Switched Search and Update buttons
    • Added reset stats button to settings screen. Resets all database Worked flags
    • Added WAS (worked all states) database and tracking
  • Added in rev d:   (7-Dec-2006)
    • ADIF import
    • ADIF export
    • database loading only occurs on first db action
  • Added in rev c:   (5-Dec-2006)
    • Many installer improvements
  • Added in rev b:  (3-Dec-2006)
    • Search function added
    • Worked B4 notices appear
    • Country DXCC stats added (checks whether this is a new country or not)
  • Initial rev: (1-Dev-2006)



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