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Ham Radio PocketPC Themes

Note: Be sure to check out my other pages including PPCMorse and MobileLog for PocketPCs. Also visit my quickly growing ham radio links page which includes tons of great ham radio links.

If you have a Windows Mobile 5 PDA (smartphone) please see my ham radio themes for Windows Mobile 5 page.






Using Amateur Radio PocketPC Themes

Feel free to download and use these PocketPC themes. They are roughly 30kb - 50kb zip files. Click on the image above to download.

To install:
1) Extract the zip file (use Winzip or the freeware, Enzip)

2) Copy the .tsk file to either the My Documents or Windows folder on your Pocket PC. To do this, make sure your Pocket PC is in the cradle and turned on. Then, double-click on My Computer | Mobile Device. Simply paste the .tsk file there. Or, if you have a MyDevice_MyDocuments folder on your desktop, copy the .tsk file there. Then do a sync.

Once you have the .tsk file copied to your Pocket PC, click on Start | Settings | Today. There, you can select any theme and click Ok on the top right.


NOTE: "I have downloaded your theme, but it doesn't seem to work on my Jornada 54x, Casio E-125, etc. How do I get them to work with my older device?"
The concept of a "PocketPC Theme" is new to Microsoft's PocketPC 2002 operating system which was released on October 4, 2001. If you own an older Pocket PC device, you can purchase a product from
Novosec called Pocket Facelift which will allow you to run themes from my site. (from http://www.pocketpcthemes.com/)






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