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Inverted V antenna for 160 meters near 70 ft tower

Pros and Cons of the Inverted V Antenna on 160 meters @ N0HR

I was asked to consider a 160 meter inverted V antenna. Having read ON4UN's Low Band DXing, I had a good idea that an inverted V would not be an ideal DX antenna given my scenario (small lot and only one 70ft support structure). However, I do know that many have used dipoles & inverted Vs on 160 meters without complaint and they are simple antennas to construct. So, I decided to model one on my tower in MMANA

Although my plans require antennas for both 160 and 80 meter ham radio bands, I only modeled the 160 meter version.

My initial conclusion is that I simply can't get this antenna high enough and straight enough to be as effective as another approach (vertical) for DXing. However, this would make a decent NVIS antenna.

Tower mounted inverted V antenna setup

In the image below, you can see my attempt to model a 160 meter inverted V mounted on my tower. You'll note that the legs of the V are not 180 degrees - but closer to 145 (which is probably not even possible given my tower/yard configuration).

inverted V 160m on tower

Next, you'll see the SWR curve for this arrangement.

SWR inverted V 160meters



Finally, here are the far field plots. As expected, this is a cloud warmer - most of the signal goes straight up.

160 meter inv L far field plot











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